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Thank you for your interest in serving on the Conference & Education Committee for the 130th MSSA Training Conference & Expo March 15-17, 2023 in Minneapolis, MN. Please login or create an account to submit your interest. If you need assistance, please contact Sharon Hollister with MSSA.

MSSA Conference and Education Committee

Responsibilities and Expectations

Committee Purpose

Per the bylaws of the Minnesota Social Service Association, amended and restated May 3, 2021, Section 7.01 Committees; there are established committees whose functions are to carry out the business of the Association.


The Conference and Education Committee shall plan and execute professional development opportunities, including the Annual Training Conference and Expo, on behalf of the Association. Association trainings and conferences are intended to be educational in nature, where new, innovative, creative, intellectually challenging and/or controversial ideas, projects, and programs may be heard, displayed, and discussed.


The Conference and Education Committee is charged with the review and selection of session topics and speakers, and the execution of the educational program for MSSA’s conference held annually in March. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing feedback on session schedule, format, theme, and keynote selection.
  • Reviewing and objectively scoring education session proposals and making final recommendations on session inclusion.
  • Helping to promote in a positive manner the MSSA Conference to colleagues and through appropriate social media channels.
  • Volunteering in various capacities the week of the conference by preparing materials, greeting attendees, helping hand out name badges/bags, and, most importantly, moderating 5-10 sessions during the conference.
  • Reviewing the conference final report information and sharing feedback for process or conference session improvement post-conference.


Membership for the Conference and Education Committee is open to all members in good standing. The Conference and Education Committee shall consist of at least 10 but no more than 25 members. At least 25% of the members of the committee must be MSSA board members.

Committee recruitment will happen in the spring to fill any vacancies using an online application form. The Nominations Committee will appoint committee members and the committee chair, or co-chairs. At least one of the co-chairs must be an MSSA board member. Additional committee members will be recommended to the Nominatios Committee by executive director based on expertise needs each year.

Requirements of Membership

  • MSSA Membership.
  • To respect the confidentiality of information relating to MSSA activities acquired in the course of service, except when authorized to disclose such information.
  • All committee members will review and sign MSSA’s Conflict of Interest Statement.
  • All committee members will review and sign MSSA’s Conference and Education Committee Responsibilities and Expectations document.
  • It is highly desirable that members of the Conference and Education Committee have attended a past MSSA Annual Conference and/or other industry conferences in order to bring relevant perspectives to the review and selection of education sessions.
  • Licensed or experienced professionals in the following education track areas are encouraged: Adult Services, Behavioral Health, Child Well-being, Developmental Disabilities, Diversity Equity, and Inclusion, Ethics, Health and Wellness, Macro, Supervision and Leadership.
  • Members are required to attend a majority of the conference planning meetings. In addition, attendance at the three-day conference is required. Availability the day prior to the conference for set-up help is encouraged. Additional time is spent outside of meetings reviewing and scoring session proposals.


The Conference and Education Committee Responsibilities and Expectations document shall be reviewed and reassessed by the Conference and Education Committee annually, and any proposed changes shall be submitted to the Board for approval.

The Conference and Education Committee shall convene at least eight times per year starting in June, typically monthly. Additional meetings may be held in the fall during the presentation proposal review period. Committee members may attend in-person or by conference or video call.

Meeting agendas and notes will be created by the Director of Professional Development. The committee chair or co-chairs will have responsibility to review and provide feedback for meeting agendas and notes.